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Shrimp tacos with mango salsa (5 minute dinner)

A 5 minute dinner for Cinco de Mayo and Taco Tuesday, kept simple for quarantine.

Pulse oximeter and Covid-19

This is an unusual addition to my site, meant to spread the word, as The Guardian and medical articles are now recommending a pulse oximeter, as a potential lifesaver, as some patients don’t realize they are sick from Covid-19 and don’t come into the hospital until it is […]

Best Food processors of 2020 – comparisons and reviews

Best food processors of 2020 reviewed, tested and compared. How does a food processor differ from a blender in making nutbutters, etc? What does a food processor do? It helps you make many different dishes from scratch quickly and does the heavy labour of making quick homemade nutbutter, hummus, pesto, grating several potatoes in a second, shredding carrots, slicing yams, slicing potatoes for scalloped potatoes, mixing dough, grinding veggies such as corn into masa for corn tortillas , and so much more. Here are comparisons and reviews based on years of cooking experience with food processors.