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Natural Sun protection and Skincare

The natural skincare page is up and includes natural sunblock (non-whitening and waterproof sunscreen) and spf lipbalm, as well as natural skincare and natural makeup brands I use and trust for super soft, dewy, supple, even toned skin that glows (I am in my 30s and still get asked about my skincare routine even by people who card me for my age lol). It also includes solutions for dry cracking hands due to frequent handwashing, grey coverage and quarantine haircut solutions for men.

Costco customer kicked out after refusing to wear a mask

Viral video of a Costco employee and new hero taking away customer’s cart and kicking him out of the store for refusing to wear a mask. This brings up the question of what does it actually mean to “live in a free country?” Let’s take a look at what the laws actually have to say about it, and how individual rights are always weighed against the good of society, and establishments reserve the right to refuse service to those who don’t comply with safety policies.

Cultivating compassion for ourselves and others during a pandemic

Fundraising for charity!
I find it much more uplifting, and more importantly, meaningful, to see the encouragement of humanity, deeper understanding and empathy than I find “positive” forcedly “motivating” advice and blanket statements for all to be- especially in the midst of people’s struggles. Sure, I bet there are families who get to spend more quality time together now (and props to good parents working to social distance their kids in creative ways), but there are also many people such as the elderly and those with health issues or disabilities who are further isolated, and there are children and victims of abuse who we also must acknowledge and whose situations get worse in these extremely stressful periods of time, especially trapped at home in abuse and uncertainty…

Why Shakira and J.Lo’s halftime show matters and it’s not at all what you think

“Music washes off the dust of everyday life”
With all the criticism of the halftime show, one unexpected raw comment hit me like a brick. And it’s not the afore mentioned one. I promise even if you didn’t care for the show, there will be a deeper moral to this story-and its not at all the one you are expecting (though the cultural inclusivity and female empowerment were huge pros but there is more)