Cultivating compassion for ourselves and others during a pandemic

Fundraising for charity!
I find it much more uplifting, and more importantly, meaningful, to see the encouragement of humanity, deeper understanding and empathy than I find “positive” forcedly “motivating” advice and blanket statements for all to be- especially in the midst of people’s struggles. Sure, I bet there are families who get to spend more quality time together now (and props to good parents working to social distance their kids in creative ways), but there are also many people such as the elderly and those with health issues or disabilities who are further isolated, and there are children and victims of abuse who we also must acknowledge and whose situations get worse in these extremely stressful periods of time, especially trapped at home in abuse and uncertainty…

Lentil shepherd’s pie (quarantine pantry dinner)

During quarantine cooking we have to be resourceful with pantry staples and freezer staples, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a healthy and delicious family dinner and comfort food! This dish is meatless but has a meaty flavor due to a little beef bouillon, but it can be made vegan with veggie broth to, both ways taste good! Home cooking is always healthiest and especially now safer than delivery! On Dr.Oz they were advising to consume less meat and inflammatory foods while possibly fighting the Coronavirus. Although I’m not about to become a full on vegan as I need my iron, I do like balance and whole foods. And lots of veggies.

Abs and core workout at home

Abs exercises and core workout at home by my cousin Abdallah. For those self-isolating to keep everyone safe in quarantine time! Beat quarantine boredom! See the home workout video and follow Abdallah on youtube for more home workouts or for links see the other workout posts on this […]